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printer and fax machine

Printer And Fax Machine Support: What To Look For In A Service Provider

Even with the best printer and fax machine networks in place, there are still many different things that could go wrong during the installation and management of these systems. Without sufficient support available, your business could fall offline – something that could have many disastrous effects.

To help you find the best printer and fax machine support service provider, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Printer And Fax Machine Support: 6 Key Considerations 

1. Installation And Setup 

When looking for a printer and fax machine support provider, the first thing to consider is whether the provider offers professional installation and setup.

When you purchase a printer or fax equipment, having it properly set up is crucial. If this is done properly from the start, you’ll avoid many common issues that often occur when setting it up without a trained expert.

Thus, it is key that you check before purchasing equipment that your chosen provider offers installation services. Check that you will be assigned a qualified technician who will understand your business needs and help set your business up accordingly.

This will ensure that your printer and fax machine work efficiently, and also, it means that your support provider will understand exactly how the machine is set up.

This means any troubleshooting or repairs will be better handled, as the technician will understand exactly how the system was configured etc.

printer and fax machine

2. Network Setup And Troubleshooting 

One of the most important elements of printer and fax machine support is the network your equipment runs on. While it’s important for your support provider to understand and offer support around the hardware, they should also help fix any network issues.

This includes troubleshooting connectivity or driver issues associated with a network or any other attached printers or faxes. Ideally, your printer and fax support providers will also be able to help you set up the network for you.

3. Support Availability 

Of course, if you’re looking for the best printer and fax machine support, you’ll want to make sure the support is readily available. The best printer and fax machine providers should offer support around the clock.

Your business communications need to stay online and operate at all times. If there’s an issue, the last thing you want is for it to affect a full day of business.

This is why your provider should provide support on-demand and when you need it.

It’s also important that your support provider offers a clear line of communication where you can easily get in touch with them. Not all issues will require a technician to be dispatched, and they might be able to provide remote support to help fix the issue.

This is especially important if your business has remote or dispersed teams. The easier it is to access support when you need it, the better.

printer and fax machine

4. Varied Support Services 

Looking for a specialized printer and fax machine support provider is important. However, your business probably has far more communications equipment beyond just printers and fax machines. If this is the case, it would be ideal to have a support and installation provider who can cover your entire network.

For example, you might also need help with your telephone systems (traditional or VoIP phone systems), amplified paging systems, computer IT networks, or even your business’s surveillance camera systems.

By working with a provider that specializes in your entire telecoms network, managing all of your business’s hardware and network configuration will be a lot more convenient.

5. Onsite Training 

Beyond just offering technical support and troubleshooting, the best printer and fax machine support providers should also offer onsite training. This is important for ensuring that all employees know how to properly use the system.

With proper training, you’ll reduce the likelihood of breakages or technical issues. You’ll also be able to gain the most value from the fax and printer system.

Training also equips your team with basic maintenance skills, like changing toner or ink cartridges or cleaning print heads. This will help you manage your fax and printing system more efficiently, reducing the need to call out support specialists.

Beyond onsite support, your printer and fax machine provider should also provide training via the phone. This means any time you might run into an issue, you can quickly get hold of the provider to help you sort the problem out.

printer and fax machine

6. Different Brands And Systems 

There are all kinds of different printers and fax systems your business could use. When looking for a support provider, you’ll want to make sure that they have a solid understanding of the different brands and systems on the market. This mainly comes from years of experience.

Try to avoid support providers who only focus on one or two specific brands or systems. This could limit your business when you need to expand your network or add new hardware. Instead, look for a provider who has experience working with a wide range of business environments, brands, and systems.


Knowing what to look out for in a reputable printer and fax machine service provider can make a major difference to your business connectivity. There are all kinds of telecom systems your business can use, from cloud-based faxing to traditional systems.

By choosing the right provider to assist in the setup and service of these systems, you’ll ensure they offer the most value to your organization.

Stellar Communications offers printer and fax machine support to meet the demands of your business. With 24/7 support, onsite training, and expert installations available, we’ll ensure your business is always set up with the right printer and fax machine systems.

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about what we can help you achieve.

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