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cloud hosted phone system

Is A Cloud Hosted Phone System Worth It?

There are many options available when it comes to setting your business up with a phone system. One of the most popular is using a cloud-hosted phone system.

Cloud-hosted phone systems come with many advantages, making them a smart choice for all kinds of businesses. They’re affordable, they’re flexible, and they’re convenient for any kind of business environment.

However, switching from a traditional phone network to a cloud-based system can be quite a change.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the main features and benefits that these systems have to offer.

What Is A Cloud-Hosted Phone System? 

A cloud-hosted phone system is a type of phone that lets you make and receive calls over the Internet instead of over a traditional phone line. These phone systems are also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

As many businesses move away from traditional technology like landlines, cloud-hosted phone systems have become increasingly popular.

You can use them with a wide range of devices, such as traditional telephones with adapters, smartphones, or computer software. Most importantly, you can also use these phone systems anywhere.

Benefits Of Using A Cloud-Hosted Phone System 

Cloud-hosted phone systems have become increasingly popular amongst businesses. Here are some of the main reasons why.

You Can Use Them Anywhere 

Possibly the most obvious advantage of a cloud-hosted phone system is that you can use these phones from anywhere. Because the system runs online through the cloud, you don’t have to use a phone connected to a physical line.

cloud hosted phone system

This means cloud phones are ideal for remote employees. With teleworking becoming the new norm, businesses can seamlessly set remote teams up with cloud-hosted phones.

This also adds a lot of flexibility to companies that may need to move office spaces or work with dispersed teams. Because there’s no phone network cabling involved in these systems, it’s a lot easier to move them around.

They’re More Reliable 

Cloud-hosted phone systems run on an internet connection. So as long as your connection is stable and reliable, your phone will work perfectly.

All kinds of things can go wrong with a traditional telephone line, which could cause your business to get disconnected. However, connecting to the internet is a lot easier. Of course, this indicates that you need to have a high-speed internet connection in place if you want to use a cloud-hosted phone system.

A cloud-hosted phone system also keeps your data safer. These systems use servers hosted in multiple locations, which means that even if one server fails, your phone line will still be up and running. This equates to far less risk of downtime on your phone line.

They’re More Affordable 

Installing and maintaining a cloud-based phone system for your business can be a lot more affordable.

First of all, equipment costs are often a lot lower. You don’t need to set up phone cables, and you can even use these phones purely on computer software systems. This means no hardware is necessary to get started.

cloud hosted phone system

You also eliminate any installation and maintenance costs associated with traditional phone systems. This can make it a lot easier and more affordable to set your business up with a cloud system.

Finally, with cloud-hosted phone systems, you only have to pay for the cost of the internet. This remains constant and lets you use the phones as much as you want. With traditional phone lines, you pay based on the amount of time you spend using the phone.

Easier To Scale 

A major advantage of using a cloud-based phone system is that it’s easier to scale with your business.

There’s a lot more flexibility involved in cloud-based phone systems, which means you can easily add new units as you need them. This makes it easy to set up new teams with a phone connection as your business grows.

They Have Extra Features 

Depending on the type of cloud-hosted phone system you use, you might be able to access a range of additional features. This can include things like video conferencing, or even AI sentiment analysis.

Because these phones are online, there are far more opportunities to use technology to optimize the way your business communicates. This is not possible with traditional phone systems.

They Allow For Unified Communications 

With a cloud-hosted phone system, you can unify all of your business’s communications. This involves consolidating your business phone system, voicemail, instant messaging, chat, cloud-based fax services, and video conferencing into a single platform.

cloud hosted phone system

You could even integrate your cloud-hosted phone system with platforms like email, social media, or your CRM. This could help your phone line become a more powerful sales outreach tool.

Any traditional phone system features, like call forwarding or having access to an auto attendant on the phone line, are also made easier using a cloud-hosted system.

It’s Easier To Accept And Make Calls 

There are fewer limitations on cloud-hosted phone systems when it comes to making and receiving calls.

Because cloud-hosted phones work over the internet, it means you don’t have to worry about long-distance charges when placing an international call. International calling is generally a free feature in cloud phone packages.

Cloud phones also allow users to make or receive calls on multiple devices using the same number. This means you could install the phone system on your computer and smartphone, and both would ring when a call is placed. You could then choose which device to answer on.

Again, this gives you more flexibility. It lets you travel with just a phone or set up phone systems in different places a lot more easily.


Going back to the question of whether a cloud-hosted phone system is worth it? Yes, it absolutely is.

Choosing the right phone system to match your business needs is imperative, as different systems can vary greatly in terms of their features and abilities.

Want to speak to a cloud-hosted phone expert at Stellar Communications? We’ll be able to assess your business needs and help set you up with a VoIP phone system that makes the most sense for your business.

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