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Cloud Hosted Fax

by Host My SIP

Harness the power of secure faxing in the cloud

(A Better Way to Send & Receive Fax Documents )

Stationary fax machines are a thing of the past. Today, you need a faxing solution that’s more flexible – one that can meet the demands of an increasingly mobile, all-digital world. Our Hosted Fax solution is the answer. Hosted Fax delivers the functionality you expect from traditional fax machines plus the flexibility, cost advantages and advance capabilities of a modern cloud service.

• No upfront costs for hardware and software
• No extra cost for upgrades or enhancements
• Scales with your company as it grows
• Predictable subscription-based pricing

Streamlined & Secure


Prevent data loss and privacy breaches by securely routing fax to intended recipients.

Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device – laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Get a complete audit trail for incoming faxes, including recipient,
arrival time and contents.

No more trips to the fax machine only to return emptyhanded because a co-worker picked up your fax.

Automatically route incoming fax
documents to the right departments or individuals for immediate action.

Automatically route incoming fax
documents to collaboration and
workflow applications.

Choose the plan that best meets your business needs, up to 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 pages per month.

If you’ve got published fax numbers can port them to the new service, add more numbers or start fresh.

Automatically convert and store fax documents in PDF format for full-text search and retrieval.

Secure Faxing As-a-Service

While use of email and messaging have grown, some business, government, academic and non-profit organizations still rely on fax in one way or another. That’s in part because their customers are still using it, but it’s also because faxing is considered a secure method for confidential communications, especially in regulated industries.

Our Hosted Fax solution improves on faxing’s strengths with tightened information security and
eliminates its weaknesses, including manual, time-consuming processes for users and day-to-day
maintenance of systems for your IT organization



Web Portal

Send and receive fax documents from your desktop PC or mobile device by logging into our online web-based portal.

Simply fill in the recipient’s information, fax number, subject line and comments to create a cover sheet. Browse files stored on your device to add attachments and click “submit” to send your fax document.


Send emails, including attachments, as faxed documents from your registered email account.

Use any mail client that supports SMTP, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. Or, use the web interface of your mail service like Office365, Outlook OWA, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Conveniently Send & Receive Faxes



Route faxed payroll documents to accounting for processing by the first available specialist.


Enable lawyers to securely fax affidavits and filings while at the office, in court, or at a client site.

Human Resources

Ensure privacy of employee data with secure receipt of faxed W-4, I-9 and payroll forms.


Enable agents to send quotes and claim forms to customers and receive orders and claims via fax.

Health Care

Ensure privacy of test results or patient records by routing them via fax to a lab or recordkeeping.

Real Estate

While showing properties, agents can receive, annotate and send faxes from their email.