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cloud fax

What You Didn’t Know About A Cloud Based Fax Solution

Fax might sound like an outdated form of communication, but there are actually many surprising advantages to using a cloud-based fax solution.

Cloud-based fax systems take your old-school fax machine and bring it into the digital age. It’s a convenient and versatile form of communication that offers a level of reliability, security, and efficiency that traditional faxing could never offer.

If using fax sounds like something from the past, here are some important facts to know about using a cloud-based fax solution and how it could benefit your business in today’s world.

Top Facts About Using A Cloud-based Fax Solution 

There’s No Need For An Actual Fax Machine 

Instead of relying on a physical fax machine to send and receive messages, this can all be done online. There are a few major advantages to this.

First, it reduces the cost of setting up fax services for your business. This makes faxing more readily available for smaller businesses.

Second, it’s a lot easier to get started with. Because there’s no need to set up and maintain a fax machine, you don’t have to worry about all of the technical difficulties that often come with faxing.

Finally, there’s no physical fax machine, so you can use and set up your cloud-based fax solution anywhere. This makes it a convenient solution for teleworkers, or anyone needing to work remotely or on the move.

Send And Receive Faxes Anywhere 

Another great advantage of cloud-based fax solutions is their versatility. You can use these systems to send and receive faxes regardless of where you are.

cloud fax

Traditional fax machines require you to physically scan all the documents in order for them to be faxed. You can only do this where there’s a physical fax machine, and you can also only receive faxes where there’s a machine present.

With a cloud-based fax solution, you can access fax communications from anywhere in the world. This allows you to send and receive faxes on the go, from any device.

There Is Added Security 

A cloud-based fax solution works entirely online. This means there are added security benefits to using these systems.

With online fax services, all of your data is protected with advanced encryption. These systems also store your data in the cloud, which means it can’t get lost or disappear.

When using online faxing, your messages are sent and received directly to a specific inbox – instead of having the messages pop out of a fax machine at a time you can’t fully anticipate.

This eliminates possible security issues that exist with traditional fax systems, making it easier to send and receive confidential information.

Cloud-based Faxing Is More Affordable 

Traditional faxing can be an expensive form of communication. Besides the upfront costs of purchasing and installing a fax machine, you also have ongoing maintenance costs, as well as printer and fax machine support requirements.

Then there’s the paper, printer ink, monthly fax phone line costs, and server maintenance. This can all add up to being a pretty expensive system for sending messages.

cloud fax

A cloud-based fax solution is entirely digital, so you can eliminate all of the costs associated with traditional faxing. This means it’s both a lot more affordable to use and easier to manage.

It’s More Efficient 

Traditional fax machines often involve groups of employees crowding around the office fax machine, waiting for their faxes to come out. If you’re sending and receiving a large report, it could take ages for the fax to come through. This is not to mention the possibility and inconvenience of jammed fax machines.

Using a cloud-based fax solution eliminates all of these issues. Faxes can come through directly to recipients’ inboxes. Sending and receiving faxes is faster, more efficient, and doesn’t require anyone to get up from their desk. This can help boost productivity.

And because there are no technical issues to worry about, as you would with traditional fax machines, cloud-based faxing offers a lot more uptime and efficiency.

cloud fax

Online Faxing Is Not The Same As Email 

People often get confused between a cloud-based fax solution and email. While they might seem very similar, they’re two different approaches to online communication.

Cloud-based faxes send documents that are a single picture image. Regardless of what the file contains, faxes are not created as editable text messages – which is the case with email. Faxes are also only ever sent to a single recipient. Traditional fax systems use telephone lines to coordinate this.

While both methods of communication should be used by organizations, there are many advantages to online faxing – such as added security and a lack of spam messages.

Online Faxing Is More Versatile 

Besides the obvious inefficiencies involved in sending paper faxes, traditional fax machines can only really do one thing – send and receive faxes. In today’s digital world where we use many different tech solutions every day, this just seems like an enormous waste.

A cloud-based fax solution brings faxing to the modern world. Because it’s all done online, cloud-based faxing is more agile and flexible. You can access online fax systems from different devices, extend online faxing to other applications (like email), and even integrate your fax system with other software solutions – like your ERP.

This can help you streamline many areas of your business while adding more possibilities to your fax communications. With a cloud-based fax solution, you have a versatile form of communication, equipped for today’s technologically advanced world.


Online faxing is a convenient solution for businesses looking to improve communications.

There are many clear advantages of using a cloud-based fax solution and moving fax online helps you achieve so much more than you could with a traditional fax machine.

If you’re interested in setting your business up with the right online fax solution, then get in touch with us at Stellar Communications. We can help assess your business needs and find the best cloud-based fax solution to improve your business communications.

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