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Introducing... the Intertel AXXESS...
Stellar Communications, LLC is proud to present another top performer...the refurbished Inter-Tel Axxess telephone system. The Inter-Tel Axxess is a superior, fully digital platform. This allows for advanced functionality and features other phone systems can't compete with. The Axxess system is ideal for companies of any size. The fact that it is completely modular and uses universal slot architecture makes it easy to expand lines or add stations.

It gets rave reviews for being flexible, scalable, integrated -- meeting all the challenges businesses face. The Axxess provides tightly integrated voice processing technology, IP telephony functionality and transparent networking throughout your organization -- from fewer than 32 communications devices up to 40,000 in up to 63 different locations. You will applaud the performance, dependability and seamless expansion capabilities a refurbished Inter-Tel Axxess system provides for your business.

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A partial listing of system features include:

  • Intercom
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Accounting
  • Multi-lingual Prompts
  • Headset Capability
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Off Premise Forwarding
  • Record a Call
  • Caller I.D.
  • T-1 Capability
  • Automated Attendant
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • ISDN
  • CTI

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We also specialize in the refurbished Inter-Tel Axxessory Talk voice-mail system which answers

calls with information taken directly from your Axxess phone system. Your customers will love the simplicity and user-friendly features. Axxessory Talk allows your callers the flexibility to change, re-record, replay or cancel their message. They can also transfer to the receptionist at any time.

Today's demanding world of business requires communications technology that can keep the pace and meet ever-evolving challenges. The Inter-Tel Axxess is your gateway to this new world where computer and telephone technology merge to provide integrated communications solutions. We feel the Inter-Tel Axxess and Axxessory Talk voice-mail are simply the best products on the market. Plus, we offer an exceptional value with refurbished equipment that carries a one-year warranty from our suppliers. Talk to us about why the Inter-Tel Axxess is the star performer among telecommunications systems.

Want state-of-the-art equipment without breaking the bank?

Stellar Communications, LLC is proud to offer refurbished Inter-Tel equipment to our customers. The refurbished equipment we purchase from our suppliers looks and performs like new at considerable savings compared to buying new equipment. In fact, this equipment is not only "like new," but often performs BETTER THAN NEW because manufacturer defects have been identified and remedied.


Our suppliers are very familiar with the particular traits of the systems they carry and perform preventative maintenance on all equipment. the equipment is put through real world tests. After passing these tests, our suppliers thoroughly clean, test and troubleshoot every item before it is shipped to us for resale to you. All telephones are shipped from our suppliers in shrink wrap with new cords, designations and quick reference guides.

Full Warranty

Our suppliers back their equipment with a full one-year warranty. Certified technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so that you can be confident that you will receive thoroughly tested equipment. In the event their equipment should fail, an advanced replacement can often be shipped overnight.

Equipment Availability

Our suppliers have millions of dollars in inventory of hard to find replacement parts. These include items that are out of stock or have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Because our suppliers can often acquire late model equipment soon after production, we can offer it at enormous savings to you.

Stellar Communications, LLC is an authorized Vodavi dealer. All Vodavi trademarks, logos and photos are used with permission from Vertical Communications, Inc. The registered trademarks of Inter-Tel and Marlin Leasing are used for the purpose of identification only. All Marlin Leasing trademarks and logos are used with permission from Marlin Leasing. Stellar Communications, LLC is an authorized Marlin Leasing vendor.
 Stellar Communications, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Inter-Tel.

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Inter-Tel Axxess

What the Experts (our customers!) are Saying About Stellar Communications

"Smooth transition from old system to new including installation, test, check out and bringing system on-line. Savings realized (from new long distance service) paid for new system in two months!"
Walt Vail
Superior Tattoo Equipment Co.
Phoenix, AZ (602) 433-1888

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